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Waist-up character portrait
Gladiator's Frenzy by adriann-v
Bloodstone Corruption by adriann-v
The Purifier by adriann-v


Dress up the Adri by adriann-v
Dress up the Adri
:new: Play with Daatura!
:new: For UTAU users-
Adrian Medium F4 finally publicly released!
Edit 1/30/2016- update for relevance

A little something that began not serious at all and purely for stress relief, hence the illustration quality, but turned into a pretty amazing Actionscript learning experience. Shoutout to my brother for lotsa programming syntax pointers. : )
It's been quite literally years since I made a dress up, hunh. Hope y'all have as much fun playing around with it as I had coding it! <3

\\\\\\Please do not repost on any other website without my explicit permission//////
I really am unfit for this world.
I want to stop falling apart every step forward I take. Like it feels like I'm moving forward and moving on, but coming apart bit by bit as I go. I have this feeling that I might die soon, and while that thought used to run through my head constantly and I am very much aware of my mortality, the feeling I've been getting recently is incredibly uncomfortable... I guess it's the depression piece of me wanting to stop existing, so it's creating that image. At one point I planned to kill myself slowly and unassuming; so I wouldn't eat as much, I wouldn't move as much, I wouldn't interact with people as much. To lessen the hurt, I guess. I mean, I still very much desire to disappear, or to have not existed at all, but I kind of want to live because at least when I'm alive, I'm alive. It means I'm alive and I can still do something, sort of. Hope, it's called hope, when you are at least alive. I suppose since I've realized that I should in fact try to keep myself alive, the things I do have become horrifying. And I used to think it was all just me controlling it, but I really have no control over the depression, at all. I'm hungry and for some reason I can't make myself eat. I'm hurting and I can't bring myself to talk to anyone, even though I've been getting so much better at seeking help. In fact I do recognize this silly journal entry on deviantart dot com is kind of a cry for help. I think, I was trying to finish an illustration that I wanted to get done before classes started again, and I was having trouble with the hands... And it's so silly, y'know, I mean, I tend to feel confident about my hands and the way I am able to observe, but this time I just couldn't get it right, and then it just spiraled. It got me thinking that any moment my body is going to shut down. Like it's this feeling, that all that bullshit I did and thought in those depressive moments where I didn't have the insight I have now, it's going to make my body crash as it ages. I mean, sure that sounds normal since we all die eventually, but I mean like. It's this feeling that I'll collapse like right now. 21 and a half. That's not a lifetime, so why is my body thinking it is? It's just so surreal.
I've said it before, and I often joke around saying that I'm a ghost, but it's always felt true. Aside from generally... not having any sort of presence in person, I've always felt that the consciousness I am experiencing is not the one my body is experiencing. It's just so surreal. I just want to be able to finish my work.
2016 by adriann-v
Happy New Year 2016! A toast to improvement and finished projects.

Adrian_Medium's update and Adrian_Repentance will see release in 2016, and these are the silhouettes of Adrian's new art.
Robutt by adriann-v
Mettatoot? lol

Anyway this character is just hnf I am head over heels ugh Just bringing out the worst in me
I'm passionate about some fanart I've seen of Mettaton Ex :heart: ~ :heart:

This is on tumblr . nsfw warning for the blog. :)
Chemical Legs by adriann-v
Chemical Legs
Ahh, a much more dedicated illustration of Mettaton Ex. Gosh... what a BABE...
You can imagine I fell in love with him the moment I laid eyes on him. I seriously got interested in Undertale because of him, haha.

I posted this on tumblr, on my erotic blog, this link takes you straight to the post in case you don't ,want run ins with any nude or erotic figures. :) :heart: But please reblog on tumblr and don't repost. Much appreciated!

If you DO like erotic art, I have a Patreon up to dedicate to agender and asexual focused erotic artwork. Check it out if you can get behind that! :heart:


No journal entries yet.

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